About Us

CogentNext Technologies has been helping organizations large and small implement top-notch Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to automate their business processes. We have world-class consultants who are experienced and have served numerous clients across the globe. Our consultants are experts in the field, but also understand your unique needs and thus tailor the solution to fit them.

At CogentNext, we are constantly evolving and improving. As we grow, each new client brings unique needs and challenges, giving us the opportunity to innovate. The experience gained allows us to continue raising the bar in customer service excellence.

CEO's Message

Welcome to CogentNext!

As CEO of CogentNext, I can promise you nothing but the best IT solutions to achieve your business goals. Our team specializes in providing software solutions to large and small organizations to have a simpler yet focused operations. With an overall experience of delivering dozens of successful ERP implementations globally, I strive hard and take proactive measures to understand your business needs and map them with our pre-defined process & templates. We continue to capitalize the latest technologies and trends to cater our clients’ needs. At CogentNext, we stay ahead of the curve to ensure effective operations and process to carry forward the momentum of client satisfaction thus far.

I've built this organization with great values to make our employees happy and able to strike the perfect balance between professional and personal life. This approach is designed to impact everyone in our organization, which drives personal satisfaction and responsibility that yields to energized, stress free environment accounting to the best results and happy clients.


- Chandra Subramanian. cogentnext Technologies

Our Core Values

The core values of CogentNext Technologies are built around our desire to serve and provide our clients efficient, custom solutions while promoting Accountability, Flexibility, Innovation & Improvement, along with Transparency, Outstanding Results and a solid Work Ethic.

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We obligate ourselves to provide a superior solution for our clients. Being accountable to ourselves and to you drives us in our efforts to constantly improve.

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We operate with absolute transparency by effectively communicating internally – and most importantly – with you, the client. It is an integral part of our culture to collaborate.

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A flexible approach enables us to better serve and support each client. Flexibility has paved the way for us to adapt and learn new techniques to better meet your needs.

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Outstanding Results

Our ultimate goal is to provide a world-class solution for our clients. Therefore, we have assembled the best team, processes, and tools to accomplish that goal.

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Innovations & Improvements

We constantly push ourselves to be our best. As a team, we focus on new and improved solutions, motivating and inspiring each other to expand our knowledge base every day.

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Work Ethics

We are always guided by our moral compass and we hold ourselves to high ethical standards, such as dignity, honesty, professionalism and truthfulness.

Our Success Mantra

Our sense of accomplishment and satisfaction comes from our clients' successes. Hence we work closely with our clients from the start – understanding their business challenges, developing a roadmap and providing solutions accordingly.


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