Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources – An Overview

A separate module in the Dynamics 365 ERP ecosystem, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources brings a suite of effective tools that simplify the management of employees and their skills, training, benefits, and other needs. From recruitment to retirement, it greatly reduces labor and other costs in a large HR department. Sharing the common user interface of all Dynamics 365 products, it’s also intuitive and thus easy to get up to speed using the system. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the outstanding functionality you’ll find in this product.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Hierarchy Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

In a larger organization, the distribution of duties must be clearly defined so each one knows what their responsibilities are and to whom they answer. In Dynamics 365 HR, with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, you’re able to create templates to define the basic structure and apply them to departments to set up more quickly. Once the setup is done, having a defined hierarchy also assists in better financial reporting.

Accurate Processes

Having a centralized HR system brings many benefits. For example, leave calculation is always accurate. A common error when done manually is to count public holidays that fall within the range of a leave request. However, the Human Resources module credits the days properly, ensuring employees are treated fairly.

Employee Inclusion

While much of its functionality is for the HR department, individual employees can also use the system to apply for leave, set up their medical benefits, update their skills profile, and other common tasks. It also has many other features to accommodate employees and their needs, helping them feel included in the HR process. As an example, performance reviews are distributed through the system allowing the employee the opportunity to provide feedback and be heard.

Employee Benefits Management with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

A benefits package is often an important factor in recruiting top talent. Human Resources makes the process easy, and even involves the new employee in the process. Rather than standard options, Dynamics 365 HR is flexible, allowing you to set the criteria and type of benefits available to each employee. Employees can select from what you offer them and the appropriate clauses are included in the final employee contract. Enrollment, leave, and even retirement benefits can all be recorded, approved, and tracked.

Individual Profiles

Human Resources helps you compile a comprehensive profile of every member of your organization. Academic achievements, professional experience, training and certifications, and much more can be recorded. The member’s LinkedIn profile can also be connected, ensuring all relevant data is included in the profile. This allows HR staff to better align the skills and aptitudes of individuals to the job vacancies within the organization, making sure each one receives the best person for the job.

Integrations with Other Products

Human Resources works hand-in-hand with the rest of the Dynamics 365 family of ERP applications. It can communicate with Dynamics 365 Finance to automate payroll. It can analyze data from Dynamics 365 Sales to measure employee performance and much more.

What is more, third-party applications can also be integrated with Human Resources. Recruitment apps can bring candidate applications and profile information directly into HR, streamlining the onboarding process. Document automation software reduces labor for official written communications, automatically generating personalized letters, job descriptions, and more, based on criteria from the Human Resources module.


Here are the principal benefits:

·       Tools that streamline the onboarding process

·       Give employees a choice with the self-service portal

·       Human Resources automation for common processes

·       Hierarchy system for defining roles

·       Flexible and configurable to conform to your operations

·       Integrations with other applications for enhanced productivity

Dynamics 365 Human Resources Pricing

Dynamics 365 Human Resources pricing is very straightforward. For basic employee and manager self-service features, it costs just $4 per user, per month. However, to have the full capabilities of Human Resources, you’ll pay $120 per user, per month.

Wrap Up

Dynamics 365 Human Resources has all the tools you need to recruit top talent, leverage LinkedIn for scouting, manage employee benefits, collect skills and aptitude data for job placement and ongoing training, employee and manager self-service features, and so much more.

Would you like to see how Dynamics 365 Human Resources can streamline and standardize HR processes while reducing costs in your organization? Contact us today to learn more.

By Chandra Subramanian, CogentNext Technologies

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