Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Integration

Get the Most Out of Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Integration

Few people would deny that LinkedIn has become the universal resource for business networking, including the Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Integration. With over 830 million registered users and some 310 million of them active every month, the social media platform reaches far into the business world. Under the stewardship of Microsoft since 2016, it has continued to grow exponentially and has become ever more useful as a tool to find your next job (or next employee) – as well as your next sales prospect. Yet, it’s not just a tool for individual professionals and sales representatives. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has deep integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365, turning your favorite CRM solution into a well-oiled B2B commerce solution.

Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Integration

More Efficient Prospecting

Making connections and nurturing leads via LinkedIn can be a tedious task if you’re doing it all manually. Here’s where integrating your LinkedIn profile with Dynamics 365 via LinkedIn Sales Navigator brings benefits. You no longer need to work directly with your profile page; Sales Navigator gives you all the control you need. What is more, it allows you to send messages, add connections, browse the profile of a potential customer, add content, and comment on posts directly in Dynamics 365, making your workflow more efficient. You’ll no longer have to record contact information and interactions in your CRM – it all happens automatically; Dynamics 365 becomes your central source of information about your clients and prospects.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere access, since these tools are available on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Never take a sales note on a napkin again – everything can go straight where it will be acted on.

Drive Higher Sales Revenue With Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Integration

Making your sales representatives more productive can only have a positive effect on your sales revenue. As you connect more of your team members’ LinkedIn profiles to Sales Navigator, the collective connections come together to enable a more powerful search function. Finding the right decision-maker in an organization you’re interested in has never been easier. If one of your teammates is already connected to your prospect, you’ll know – and you can ask him to introduce you!

Digging deeper into the prospect’s profile will help you discover their needs and see how they interact with other professionals. Taking the time to learn these details will prove invaluable in tailoring your sales strategy for maximum impact.

Establish a Stronger Social Presence With Dynamics 365 LinkedIn Integration

While you can learn a lot about others through LinkedIn, Sales Navigator also has tools to polish your company page so that viewers will get the right impression at first glance. A well-built company page transmits your corporate identity and brand not just as a vendor, but as an employer.

Based on your activity, Sales Navigator suggests articles that might be worth posting on your professional profile as well as your company page. Having the right content flow draws in more interest and helps establish you as a thought leader in your circles.

Having an active, well-developed presence will not only foster confidence in your company and product but will also attract the best talent, helping you create outstanding experiences for tomorrow.

Enhanced Talent Scouting

You can find many more hidden LinkedIn gems when you use Dynamics 365 for Human Resources. You can leverage LinkedIn Recruiter to help you find the right talent faster, get your job postings in front of the right people, and develop the skills of your team with LinkedIn Learning.

Since your interactions are integrated with Dynamics 365, you don’t need to do double entries. The profiles of your prospective hires are accessible at the click of a mouse, giving you up-to-date information right before the interview. Leverage your chat history and notes to help you fine-tune your interactions with candidates. Keep your data pure, storing it in Dynamics 365 as the single source of truth.

Would you like to leverage the power of one of the world’s largest social networks to find talent and increase revenue? Talk with our experts at CogentNexttoday and we’ll help you get started.

By Chandra Subramanian, CogentNext Technologies

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